Kazan Federal University, Russia

Kazan Federal University


Kazan Federal University is one of the oldest universities in Russia, it celebrated its 210th anniversary in 2014. We celebrated this date as another token of the university’s dedication to its longstanding academic mission as one of the leading educational institutions in Russia and in the world. Kazan Federal University has gained its international fame thanks to its distinguished scholars and graduates whose achievements have had a beneficial effect on the whole of mankind.

The unique culture of Kazan Federal University has shaped the development of Kazan and the Volga region. The University’s new federal status obtained in 2010 poses new interesting challenges and calls for new approaches in the rapidly changing world. Kazan Federal University is a member of 5-100 Russian Academic Excellence Project which aims at maximizing the competitive position of leading Russian universities in the global research and education market.

The main center of higher education for a vast region, Kazan Federal University today employs more than 3,200 faculty members and trains over 47,000 students, who follow over 300-degree programs on the basis of 17 Institutes, 2 faculties, 3 high schools and 4 branches in nearest cities.

Kazan federal university study programs embrace the following areas:

-Russian Language course
-Physics and Mathematics
-Natural Sciences
-Social Sciences
-Education and Pedagogics
-Culture and Art
-Economics and Management
-Service Sector
-Geodesy and Land Utilization
-Geology, Exploration, and Development of Mineral Resources
-Automation and Control
-Computer Science and Computer Engineering
-Safety of activities, environmental engineering, and environmental protection

Kazan Federal University carefully preserves the traditions of its world-renowned scientific schools of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and linguistics. Presently Kazan Federal University prioritizes research in the following areas: Pharmacy and Bio-medicine, Geology, Nanotechnologies and IT, etc.

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