Southern Federal University, Russia

Southern Federal University, Russia

Southern Federal University abbreviated as SFedU and formerly known as Rostov State University (1957–2006), is a public university in Rostov Oblast, Russia with campuses in Rostov-on-Don and Taganrog.

Southern Federal University is the largest research and educational establishment of Rostov Oblast.

Faculties of SFedU:
Preparatory Faculty: Russian Language course (For Medical and Technical Universities students, both of them can join southern federal university language course, after completion of preparatory faculty from southern federal university student can join the first course in Medical University or in Technical University)

-Faculty of Biology and Soil Science
-Faculty of Chemistry
-Faculty of Economics
-Faculty of Geology & Geography
-Faculty of Preparatory Course ( Learn Russian in Rostov – SfedU)
-Faculty of History
-Faculty of Law
-Faculty of Mathematics, Mechanics & Computer Science
-Faculty of Philology & Journalism
-Faculty of Philosophy & Cultural Studies
-Faculty of Psychology
-Faculty of Physics
-Faculty of Regional Studies
-Faculty of Social and Political Science
• Institute of Economics and International Relations

Southern Federal University

Best University for Radio-Engineering in Russia: Taganrog state university of Radio-Engineering (Second campus of the Southern federal university)

• Pedagogical Institute (former Rostov State Pedagogical University)
-Faculty of Linguistics & Philology
-Faculty of Pedagogy & Psychology
-Faculty of Physical Education & Sport
-Faculty of Economics, Management & Legal Studies
-Faculty of Natural Sciences
-Faculty of Technology & Entrepreneurship
-Faculty of Visual Arts
-Faculty of Mathematics, Physics & Computer Sciences
-Faculty of Continuing and Extended Education
-Faculty of Advanced Training & Professional Development for Teachers

• Taganrog Institute of Technology (former Taganrog State University of Radio-engineering)
• Institute of Architecture & Arts (former Rostov State Academy of Architecture & Arts)

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Southern federal university
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