Crimea Federal University

Crimea Federal University

City: Simferopol, Russia

Crimea Federal University is one of the top universities of Russia. The medicine of general faculty is one of the top priorities of Indian Students for MBBS in Russia.It is the institution of higher education situated in Simferopol (Crimea, Russia). According to some independent estimation, it is one of the most prominent medical schools in Russia. The University has 6 faculties and 54 departments.

History of the Medical Academy of Crimea Federal University goes back to the beginning of the 21st century: in 1918 it was medical faculty of Taurida University. In 1931 it separated and became an autonomous unit – Crimea Medical Institute, Since 1995 the higher school has been named in honor of Sergey IvanovichGeorgievsky (rector of the institute in 1951-1970). In 1998 the higher school became a university with the 4th (highest) accreditation level.

• Faculty of General Medicine

• Faculty of Dentistry

• Faculty of Pharmacy

• Faculty of Clinical Psychology

The history of the First medical faculty is inseparably connected with the foundation of Crimea State medical university named after S. I. Georgievsky. The first enrolment of students to the faculty was made in 1931, and in 1936 first doctors graduated from the University.

Simferopol City

The city of Simferopol is the capital of the Republic of Crimea. The city is located along the river Salgir. Several universities are located in the city of Simferopol. The city is well connected to nearby areas through roads, railway & an international airport. The city receives thousands of tourists each year from different parts of the world. Crimea Federal University is one of the largest federal university in Russia and serves as one of the most soughs sought destinations for students from various countries willing to study MBBS in Crimea.

The Republic of Crimea is surrounded completely by the Black Sea. The Crimea Federal University has witnessed a huge growth in the influx of foreign students, especially from India for MBBS admission in Crimea due to the popularity the university has gained in recent years.

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