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MBBS in Russia

Russia is globally known for its developed and quality education system. In Russia, there are many reputed universities, academies, colleges and higher education institutions which accepts foreign students as well as Indian Students for MBBS in Russia.

There are more than 100 Medical Universities where students can continue their education in the medical field. All Medical Universities of Russia are recognized worldwide, thousands of graduates who studied MBBS in Russia are working in the reputed hospital and medical institution in their home countries. Every year medical universities of Russia accept thousands of students from African, Asian, European, North American and South American continents.

Medical Universities in Russia is considered to be the most affordable universities for average class income group. Most of the Medical Universities in Russia provide all the courses both in the Russian and English mode of instruction including master courses. In the Medical Universities of Russia, students can find the specialized courses which they can’t find or hard to find in any other country. Every Medical Universities of Russia provide the best training under their highly qualified pedagogical staff which includes doctors, scientist, researchers, professors and candidates of science. Every Medical Universities of Russia has its own hospitals, clinics and research centers which helps students to sharpen their practical skills along with theory and to be the good successful doctor in the future.

Living in Russia is completely a unique experience. Along with the good education system, you will find Russia very systematic and civilized. Russian peoples are well mannered, kind hearted and helpful. It doesn’t matter which race or which country you belong they will welcome you with open heart and respect, which is why most of the students who want live off campus rent a room in a family apartment. As compare to any other European country Russia is cheaper to live.


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Study in Russia – Today Russia’s higher education system is considered one of the best in the world due to its quality, prestige, and affordability. Russia is a highly educated country with over half of its residents holding a university degree. Russians have rich, centuries-old educational traditions. Russian Medical & Technical Universities train a wide variety of specialists, regularly place in the top of international rankings. Education in Russia is much more affordable than in the USA or UK. For Direct Admissions or more details write us at thedoctors.iea@gmail.com